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Not everyone can talk food and beverage

Our agency is designed with one goal in mind; to help food and beverage companies reach and build a greater audience of customers. Creating and communicating the right message in the food business is critical to success.

We can do it.

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Not everyone can talk food and beverage.

We eat, sleep and talk food and beverage business all day, every day. Our parent company, Leap Strategic Corp, advises and works with food and beverage companies to get their products to market. We have our hands on the pulse. We are fully invested, from participating in major industry events across North America to advising on product development and execution. We see developing industry trends and most importantly, understand product positioning and messaging to attract the right people to your product.

Messages and approaches cooked to perfection.


Understanding the nuances in communicating your unique idea or brand takes a specialized approach that is different from all other industries. The food and beverage landscape is always changing. Companies are gaining momentum by positioning their products as “good for you” healthy brands, or by meeting market demand from “Food Tribes” such as gluten free, paleo, or flexitarian. There is all the more reason to tailor your message to a specific audience, and our Leap Strategic Media team are ready to help you do it.

We believe it takes a village to build a brand. 

We can do it.

Our team of Digital Media Specialists have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.  Please take the opportunity to explore what we can do to help your company and brand product get the audience and customers it deserves.

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